SmartAir by Provac Engineering Sdn Bhd

Take Control of your industrial air filtration.

The IOT digital service that gives you the real time data needed to optimise your clean air process. From guesstimates to filtration facts !

Performance Insights

Receive real time information of system performance. Detect trends and deviations from historical data. Avoid expensive downtime through preventative measures, in time. Ensure emission compliance to directives with automatic reports.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Performance optimisation
  • Compliance

Uptime assurance

Active filtration monitoring by Provac’s support personnel. Fully understand what effects the performance of the filter and learn directly from Provac filtration experts. Receive quick actions on alarms and alerts to minimise unplanned downtime.

  • Filtration helpdesk
  • Remote filtration monitoring and advise
  • Customised performance reports

Any application Any industry

  • Low vacuum and high vacuum
  • Standalone or modular
  • Any fume, smoke or dust application

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